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Cancer Care

BH has the state of the art equipment, with access to highly qualified and the timeless experience of super specialties other than paramedic staff. As a wholly committed team towards highly personalized and comprehensive cancer care their vision is patient-centric with a multidisciplinary approach, and a personalized cost effective solution. They cater to the medical needs of a cancer patient which remain as the standard feature of BH. All the minute facts of the health quotient of the patient are meticulously looked by a team of experienced medical and surgical professionals.

The patient is kept continuously informed of his/ her progress and the patient’s data is documented through an in house hospital information system that compiles, feeds as and when the patient visits and is well maintained. Other than the latest research, we continuously review the treatment protocol and revise it,if needed to increase the chances of healing and recovery. We take pride in the compassion and dedication of our doctors, nurses and other members of the staff.

At BH our sole focus is to cure cancer to the maximum possible extent. We follow the current standards of care and treatment protocols for each type and stage of cancer. Our doctors have long-standing expertise and have vast acumen in diagnosing and treating all types of cancer.

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