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We wish to create a patient centric, tertiary healthcare organisation focused on quality care utilising leading edge technology with a human touch and at an affordable cost.

With the primary focus being a surgical centre, our care goes beyond the operation theatres.

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Dr. Anuradha Bhanot

Critical Care & Pain Specialist

Dr. S. P. Bhanot

Cancer & Laparoscopic Surgery

Latest Armamentarium

Bhanot Hospital always has the latest medical armamentarium. This includes surgical equipment, such as ventilator support, Laparoscopic instruments, Harmonic generator for advanced Laparoscopic surgery, Defibrillators, Monitors, Advanced Anaesthesia equipment, C- ARM and many more.

Medical Counseling

All the patients are given adequate counseling. The doctors explain the need and the necessity of a treatment, its financial aspects, the need for urgent medical intervention in the absence of which can affect their day to day life. Psychological counseling sessions are also given to help the patients through difficult treatments in a routine manner.

Qualified Doctors

We have a team of experienced and well qualified Doctors which form the cornerstone of our health care.

Patient Centric Care

Bhanot Hospital focuses on patient-centric care. Once the patient comes to the hospital, he/she is fostered strength, cheer, and happiness through formal and informal care. Effective communication with the patient is an ongoing process at our center.



One of its kind, our cancer clinic provides dedicated OPD & Chemotherapy to Cancer patients as well as perform all advanced cancer surgries. Ours is one of

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Pain Management

Our Pain clinic not only provides diagnosis to the chronic pains but also helps to give remedy by giving

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General & Laparoscopic surgeries

The state of art laparascopic surgical procedues like removal...

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The Department of urology provides contemporary medical and surgical care in all aspects of adult and

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Plastic Surgery

Bhanot Hospital provides excellent cosmatic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures involving the,

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Department of Gynaecology is well versed with lattest laparascopic techniques of removing uterous

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Our Department of Orthopaedic Surgery focuses on patient care in adult reconstruction and joint

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Team BH is extending exceptional care supported by clinical expertise with a humane touch and high end technology under one roof through a team of dedicated specialists