ICU at Bhanot Hospital cater to patients with severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries, which require constant, close monitoring and support from latest specialised equipment and medications in order to ensure normal bodily functions.

It is staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses who specialise in caring for critically ill patients. Patients in ICU may be transferred directly to an intensive care unit from an emergency department if required, or from a ward if they rapidly deteriorate, or immediately after surgery if the surgery is very invasive and the patient is at high risk of complications so as to ensure the high end care required at such a critical moment. Special emphasis is given on quality by maintaining uncompromising stringent control protocols.

Our Cancer Care Center

The Highest Quality of Care

Our center consistently invests in new technologies that have been shown to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that our patients have access to the best care possible. The services we offer at our centre can be found below:

Radiation Therapy

Being at the forefront of cancer care involves pioneering innovative treatment methods as well as the introduction of technology that aids medical experts. Alexis Hospital has led the pack on both counts by introducing Varian TrueBeam, the advanced radiation therapy system . It delivers precise tumour targeting, while lowering toxicity and improving outcomes.

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